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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Plight of the Fat Girl!

Ok, I am the internet queen if I can order it online it’s a done deal. Having every item I would ever want at my finger tips is just amazing to me. It takes the hassle out of going to the store, trying it on, being bothered with people, driving, and gas things of that nature. The habit actually started when I was in college. I did not have a car so a lot of times I would order mostly clothes and shoes online; it pretty much was a good idea for me.

I have plenty of favorite websites I like to order from Amazon, Overstock ( I LOVE the big O), eBay, Dorothy Perkins ect. Every site is different and caters to a certain part of me. I get music and school books from Amazon. I get Shoes and jewelry from Overstock, clothes from eBay and Dorothy Perkins. I am finding new websites a lot from other bloggers. And on a new website I'll order at least twice before I make my decision.

Well my newest order has come from a Jens Fashion, this is an eBay store. The store has plus size and some of the cutest dresses. I am a big dress fan. Well I orderd a dress, I read the measurements . . . . the measurements seemed correc for me but the dress is a bit too small. It turns out to be one those out fits I'm going to have to work. I probably won’t wear it more than twice, and then I'll probably wear it over jeans, never by itself. And I had been looking for one of these style dresses with print for a while now, it was big bummer.

So I got over that, then I looked at the dress some more. Now let me remind you all, I shop everywhere Wal-Mart, Rainbow, thrift I have no problem with that. But I still look for good quality clothing. I don’t care how trendy it is or cute. If I can look at it and see that one wash is going to just wipe it out, I aint buying it. I must say that is one of the issues with ordering online. I myself rarely run into that, until I order on eBay for the plus size.  I honestly feel they really dont know what plus size is.  This dress is paper thin . . . no lining . . . its hiked up in the back and low in the form and I have no butt! You know you've seen those girls and their dress is jacked up in the back but low in the front, dont they feel the air in the back?? Just a question. But anyway, If you are a real retailer who seriously wants to sale plus size clothing you should already know fabric is everything. They make plus sizers pay extra because they have to use more fabric, make the piece thicker and heavier so it can survive us, lol.  If I am going to pay that extra for the extra support, the piece best be of good quality. The dress is crazy; I hadn't bought anything that thin since high school when I didn't know any better.  And why does it have fabric to tie a bow in the back?? Its really not needed. The fabric is thin and pullin and will need a jacket, tights or jeans, and alot of accessories to make it better (in my baby voice) . . .than I pout adn cross my arms.

I guess you could say I have been spoiled, my mother once she got hold of me and my shopping habits told me quality is everything. You can shop anywhere and see if the piece has quality. When I say quality I'm not saying it’s a certain name brand. I am saying the fabric is not gathering crazy at the stitching, the fabric isn’t thin to the touch. If its really good, you could almost go a size down and the piece still look good.  Example I have a skirt which I bought from Talbots a loooooooong time ago. The skirt is a size 16, a regular 16 I now wear a 20. And yes the skirt still fits like when I was a size 16. The skirt is wonderful and has out lasted some of my shoes. Shoes are another thing, but I won’t go there, just when they start to creel over LET THEM GO.

So to some of you designers and retailers that’s peddling off cheap, poorly sewn, clothing to the fat girl . . . beware cuz I'm gone talk about ya

Here are a few pics, I was working by myslef so I did what I had to do, dont laugh.

The jacket helped, but the dress and jacekt are the same length so the back of the dress kept gathering because of the jacket.  Maybe a short cardigan or leather bomber would work.  Let me know what yall think.

Celebrate Your Plus!