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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Belle-Noir

Belle-Noir, do you know what that means? Belle, the most beautiful girl and Noir, black.  Put that together and what do you have a fly black chick! I kid, I kid, you have a charming, beautiful African American Woman.  If you go even further you have Belle-Noir Magazine, an online magazine that represents the plus size women.  This magazine has it all, clothes of course, makeup, health, politics (yes fat people read politics dang),  and dating. The magazine reaches 88% female and 12% male, 84.2 % are African American.  Belle-Noir has branched out to Belle-Noir Radio with guest such as plus size designer Gayla Bently, plus model Tiffany Brazton Belvin, comedian Erica Waton, and author and educator Keith Belvin.  She has also created Curves and Cocktails, the ultimate girls night out for women with curves.  And lastly Phat Poetry, to celebrate big beautiful women and men through poetry.  Wow she has been busy representing the plus size commuinty! I have read the online magazine from time to time so I decided to send a little email to see if I could get a short interview with its creater Ms. Aja B. And thankfully they said yes!

Your name? Aja B. Stubbs aka "Ms. Aja B."

Occupation? Grant Research Assistant by day/ President of Belle-Noir Communications by night!

Hobbies? Watching sports (especially football), reading, writing, and even though I don't have time for it much anymore, different arts & crafts. Anything that gets the creative juices flowing.

Inspiration? My parents, and Oprah Winfrey. *smile*

Travel? Travel has to be tops on my list of favorite things to do. I recommend to anyone to just get up and go! Whether it is exploring a foreign country, or just exploring a neighboring state like a tourist, it can be so refreshing and inspiring to experience something new.

Purpose? I don't know what God would say my purpose is, but I feel my purpose, as it relates to plus size women, is to encourage them to love themselves for who they are today, because today? You are beautful!

Your style? I'd say that I am a pretty classic type of gal. I'd much rather go for the timeless classic than what is currently on trend (thats what I'm talkin bout). And I believe wholeheartedly that your handbag and shoes can make or break an outfit (Amen!).

Your Uniqueness? There's only one me!

Why Belle Noir Magazine? I started Belle-Noir Magazine six years ago when I felt that plus size women of Color were not being seen in a positive light be it on the web or in print magazines that were supposed to be inspirational to women of Color.We were on the scene before most of the popular online magazines for plus size women today, and we will continue to be the voice of the everyday plus size woman of Color.

Such a wonderfully inspiring women.  We need more sisters like her that is willing to represent the plus size women with class, for yall young bucks class never dies.  I charge you to check out the magazine Bell-Noir Magazine, Curves and Cocktails and Belle-Noir Radio.

Celebrate Your Plus!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Treat

Crystal Renn plus size supermodel breaking barriers for all of us. She has a spread in Elle Canada and it is to die for. Enjoy!

Loves it!

Do you think they thought plus size could be so beautiful?? Just asking

Celebrate Your Plus!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nya Nya Couture Fashion Show - Fierce Baby!

Nya Nya Couture Fashion Show - Fierce Baby!

Just when you thought couture was gone for us regular folk, it makes a comeback at the hands of Ms. Crystal Hariss. Yes she designs couture . . Haute Couture. Her designs are inspiring, colorful, and vibrant. At the hands of Ms. Crystal Harris, she can turn any piece of fabric into magic. A little history on Crystal, The Company’s name originated from her daughter, Nya who was born in 2002. Nya Nya Couture was established in 2004. Crysta Harris is a native Atlantan. At an early age Crystal was drawn to fashion, her goal show the world her "urban glamour". Nya Nya Couture is a fusion of bold vibrant colors, timeless textures with edgy patterns and embellishments that come together for that “urban glamour” look. But, she doesn’t just design couture she also designs plus size couture.

Yes, plus size couture. When I saw her pieces they were flawless. Nice black leather corsets, is all I need in my life, it makes me warm inside. I had the pleasure of attending her fashion show and interviewing Ms. Harrs this past weekend here in Atlanta. I must say I truly enjoyed myself. The whole purpose of this show was to raise money for domestic violence and show case her pieces. There were give away for, art, hair salon, and spa. It was just awesome.

Now I have written about Nya Nya before in regards to her plus size couture line. This fashion show featured both, men, women and plus size models. I must say her line goes from elegant to trendy. The styles where fun and had plenty of detail making the pieces unique. Her pieces make you feel that you also can wear couture and have that "urban glamour"!

Here is her interview:
Occupation? Fashion Design

 Hobbies? Drawing, building artwork

Inspiration? Italian shoes (Me too girl!)

Travel? All the time

Purpose? to become a fashion icon

Your uniqueness? detail, handcrafting

Why couture? edgy,odd and different

As I sat and enjoyed the fashion show I began to look in the audience. Of course there were plenty of fashion reps there, and also Dwight Nene’s friend from Atlanta Housewives. He entered the room with a gorgeous fur coat that went to the floor honey. There were people who represented magazines; Upscale Mag was in the house, stylist and those who just enjoy fashion. Again the show was awesome, below are a few pictures Crystal was so nice to email to me. Hope yall enjoy

This piece just pops out, I love the color and the contrast on the sides.  She had a couple of these pieces and I want one!

(And yes, thats me looking towards the model)

A few of the plus size peices.  Now these young ladies worked that runway!

This top is one of my favorites I just love the color! The top did like a feather layered flower opening type thing. The skirt matched perfectly so very cute.

This piece is the bomb! I absolutely love the color
It screams sexy, after five sippin on some wine. Truly a lovely piece

Here is another piece I enjoyed, and the artist who gave the art away.

Ms. Crystal and Dwight
The young man in the middle spoke
so eloquently about stopping
domestic violence

Crystal and the hostess with the mostess, lol.

I spot Torrid!

I ran into a friend of mine, Joel
He holds events at London Bistro

Just Fierce!

Picture credits:Darrell Jenkins

Celebrate Your Plus!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Plight of the Fat Girl!

Ok, I am the internet queen if I can order it online it’s a done deal. Having every item I would ever want at my finger tips is just amazing to me. It takes the hassle out of going to the store, trying it on, being bothered with people, driving, and gas things of that nature. The habit actually started when I was in college. I did not have a car so a lot of times I would order mostly clothes and shoes online; it pretty much was a good idea for me.

I have plenty of favorite websites I like to order from Amazon, Overstock ( I LOVE the big O), eBay, Dorothy Perkins ect. Every site is different and caters to a certain part of me. I get music and school books from Amazon. I get Shoes and jewelry from Overstock, clothes from eBay and Dorothy Perkins. I am finding new websites a lot from other bloggers. And on a new website I'll order at least twice before I make my decision.

Well my newest order has come from a Jens Fashion, this is an eBay store. The store has plus size and some of the cutest dresses. I am a big dress fan. Well I orderd a dress, I read the measurements . . . . the measurements seemed correc for me but the dress is a bit too small. It turns out to be one those out fits I'm going to have to work. I probably won’t wear it more than twice, and then I'll probably wear it over jeans, never by itself. And I had been looking for one of these style dresses with print for a while now, it was big bummer.

So I got over that, then I looked at the dress some more. Now let me remind you all, I shop everywhere Wal-Mart, Rainbow, thrift I have no problem with that. But I still look for good quality clothing. I don’t care how trendy it is or cute. If I can look at it and see that one wash is going to just wipe it out, I aint buying it. I must say that is one of the issues with ordering online. I myself rarely run into that, until I order on eBay for the plus size.  I honestly feel they really dont know what plus size is.  This dress is paper thin . . . no lining . . . its hiked up in the back and low in the form and I have no butt! You know you've seen those girls and their dress is jacked up in the back but low in the front, dont they feel the air in the back?? Just a question. But anyway, If you are a real retailer who seriously wants to sale plus size clothing you should already know fabric is everything. They make plus sizers pay extra because they have to use more fabric, make the piece thicker and heavier so it can survive us, lol.  If I am going to pay that extra for the extra support, the piece best be of good quality. The dress is crazy; I hadn't bought anything that thin since high school when I didn't know any better.  And why does it have fabric to tie a bow in the back?? Its really not needed. The fabric is thin and pullin and will need a jacket, tights or jeans, and alot of accessories to make it better (in my baby voice) . . .than I pout adn cross my arms.

I guess you could say I have been spoiled, my mother once she got hold of me and my shopping habits told me quality is everything. You can shop anywhere and see if the piece has quality. When I say quality I'm not saying it’s a certain name brand. I am saying the fabric is not gathering crazy at the stitching, the fabric isn’t thin to the touch. If its really good, you could almost go a size down and the piece still look good.  Example I have a skirt which I bought from Talbots a loooooooong time ago. The skirt is a size 16, a regular 16 I now wear a 20. And yes the skirt still fits like when I was a size 16. The skirt is wonderful and has out lasted some of my shoes. Shoes are another thing, but I won’t go there, just when they start to creel over LET THEM GO.

So to some of you designers and retailers that’s peddling off cheap, poorly sewn, clothing to the fat girl . . . beware cuz I'm gone talk about ya

Here are a few pics, I was working by myslef so I did what I had to do, dont laugh.

The jacket helped, but the dress and jacekt are the same length so the back of the dress kept gathering because of the jacket.  Maybe a short cardigan or leather bomber would work.  Let me know what yall think.

Celebrate Your Plus!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Those Sequins~

We all know Christmas is here and new years is on the way. And I'm thinking what am I going to wear to that NYE party after I go to church of course :).  For some reason lately my eye ie amied toward sequins.  Yes I said sequins.  Big girls should not be afraid of the sequins, it helps accentuate what us plus sizers have and its just looks cool.  I feel sequin would be the perfect outfit for the NYE part, maybe a guy will notice my bling and I can get my NYE kiss! lol.  I found a few pieces to choose from at Torrid, Dorothy Perkins, Faith 21 and Monif C. and a few other websites.

This lovely dress is by way of Faith 21, Forever 21's plus size line.  I like the sequins at the top, just incase you want to be safe and not have a full sequin dress.  If you look closely the bottom half of the dress has texture to it, this dress is so cute and very affordable. Forever 21

This "Tina" cocktail dress is really what I am looking for.  Its colorful, fun and appropriate for the NYE party. I love the different colors and how the dress shows cases the curves.  It is definitley an eye catcher, which is exactly what I want. Visit Monifa C's website, they have more.  I have followed her line for some years now, I love how her pieces are trendy, stylish, sexy and fun.  She has made the plus size woman be trendy and stylish also.  Monif C.

This last dress is by way of the U.K. DorothyPerkins.com.  The pink isn't too pink it also accentuates the curves.  The dress is fun, fun, fun and again a perfect out fit for the NYE party. Visit Dorothy Perkins.

Now that I see there are choices, its time to accessorize.  I am honestly not much of an accessories type person.  I generally put on the outfit and a pair of shoes and I'm done.  But in reality accessories are the little things that can make the outfit pop.  I love silver, it goes with just about everything in my book.  I also like to match, so if the shoes and jewelry dont make match I'm pretty much not gonna wear it.  I am trying to get out of that though, sometimes mix match can make a great outfit.

These black sequin shoes are perfect too, all by way of Aldo. With matching bracelet of course.

Well I finally decided to purchase the first dress from Faith21.  I cant wait for it to come, I will actually take pics and post it for yall.  I've never orderd from there so I am really hoping it will be true to size. 

Celebrate Your Plus!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

I know I had not written in a while, but the holidays got the best of me.  I ate, and ate and missed all the shopping deals . . . . oh well.  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday with family and friends, good food and maybe some shopping.

My first profile will be of a young lady who resides in Atlanta GA.  She is a graduate of SCAD and currently works for Upscale magazine.  Very down to earth sista who is doing her thang . . . . . sorry had to get a little ghetto on yall, lol.  Let me remind you this blog is to share with the world that plus sizers are smart, trendy, fashionable and artsy people just like those size 5 and 8, lol.  But I must confess, she is no plus sizer however she took my pictures professoinally so therefore she meets the qualification, lol.

Anyway I wanted to ask her a few questions so here we go:

Occupation? Photo Editor

Hobbies? Photography, SHOPPING (finding great deals)!!, (budget) fashion, volunteering, decorating, art, refurbishing old furniture, researching anything and everything (I love learning new things)

Inspiration? My mother & the potential of the future

Travel? Yes, please! j/k. I like to travel whenever I have time or can afford it. I love taking road trips with friends... last location I traveled, clemson, S.C. My favorite spot, I guess Miami since I've spent most time there.

Purpose? My purpose in life? I want to make a difference. I dont want to leave the earth without make it better. To live, love and laugh :)

Your uniqueness? Oh, the list would go on and on but..... Im somewhat "eclectic", I see things a little differently, Im a germaphobe too :)

Why photography? Since I see things a little differently, Ive always wanted to travel the world and capture it through my eyes. I love the story photos tell, without the help of words. I love the whole process of creating an image, its poetic. Photography is powerful, yet personal. Its says everything that is never said (does that make sense??). Its a reflection of who I am.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thats Just My Style

Alright ladies I'm not sure if you know this, but we have a true blood plus size designer in our mist. I mean if you live in the "A” that is. Yes Atlanta, the line is called Jibri and the designer / owner is Jasmine Elder. I would describe her style as retro-fun. Her line has soothing colors, wonderfully shaped fabrics, and a real since of style. Any plus size women would look even the more curvaceous and voluptuous in one of her pieces. She does not HIDE our curves she makes them pop! Have you ever looked at a piece of clothing and thought . . . that’s my style and had a sigh of relief. Well that was my reaction to the Jibri line.

When I discovered her line by way of another blog, I just had to ask her a few questions. Her clothes are absolutely gorgeous, fun and it looks like she put some thought into it. Pieces where put together for a reason and created a wonderful purpose! By the way through her email . . . . yes through her email I can tell she is super nice!

Occupation? Designer

Hobbies? Traveling, reading, sewing, thrift shopping, cooking

Inspiration? Music, Art, Literature, Vintage Film

Why designing? There are things that pop into my head that I can't get out until I create them. Again...I love making beautiful things that make people feel beautiful.

Whats your style? Vintage glamour. Always a lady. ;)

Ideas on plus size clothing? I design clothing for ladies...real ladies...they just happen to be plus size. The kind of ladies that turn heads even in gym clothes. The kind of ladies that couldn't fade into a crowd even if they wanted to. Those kind of women always have somewhere to wear my dresses and I'll keep making them even if no one else does. :)

This last piece is super cute!

If you have fallen in love with these few pieces please, please visit her website Jibri.

Manik Magazine

Celebrate Your Plus!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Loving Haute Couture

I have a confession to make . . . . I LOVE Haute Couture, don’t you?

Its so sleek, chic, and original. The designers who have mastered Haute Couture and have kept this skill alive I believe are some of the hardest working people in the industry. I don’t have many favorites but Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Yves Saint Laurent make me smile.

The mystery of the world of couture is just so appealing. The secrecy, the lineage, and the cost. The cost is absolutely out of this world and if I had the money . . . . I would buy. These styles are not based upon a trend, or what Rhianna or Jessica Simpson is wearing. (side bar - did yall see JLo fall . . lol, I mean darn) It is style, concepts, imagination that is all its own and I love it!

Well as a plus size women I still love high fashion and at times can picture myself in it. Couture is expensive and very elite and my god soooo worth it. Plus size women and men I believe we also can and should enjoy couture, every stitch and design should fit us like a glove. And when I say plus size I mean all plus size. I don’t think couture is for just one type of person or body type or even person with a certain status.

I have actually found some plus size couture designers in Atlanta Ga, and New York Ny.

Mr. Amadou of Très Elegante
A New Yorker by way of West Africa’s - Senegal . He specializes in creating custom pieces with a mix of couture and urban design. You can read the rest of this article at Manik Magazine.

Ms. Crystal Harris of Nya Nya Couture is a native of Atlanta Ga.  She specializes in bold vibrant colors, timeless textures with edgy patterns and embellishments  which screams couture and Precious buy me please!! Check her out yourself Nya Nya Couture.

Celebrate your plus!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Ok, the origins of the blog has come from inspiration! Inspiration of plus size men and women. From fashion, music, art everything unique. Celebrate uniqueness, celebrate your plus!

First order of business I am Precious, that is my name, size 20 baby and lovin it. I have been perusing websites that express love for us Fat folk. Yes I said Fat, we will take back that word turn it for positive and show that Fat is beautiful, cute, smart, fun everything in between.
Celebrate your plus!