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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh Statement Jewelry How Art Thou???

First I'd like to say Happy New Year. I missed my NYE party, but I ended up spending it with some family I hadn't seen in years.
And second I would like to say Courtney Prince is real top drawer. I caught her at a really busy time to answer some questions regarding her business and she had stated she would have to get back with me after the holidays. Two days later, she had emailed me very detailed answers to my questions and I really do appreciate that. I discovered her art work/jewelry about 2 months ago. On first sight I fell in love, I've seen some other statement jewelry and there was no statement. I personally love the necklaces and hair pieces she has put together. The colors, jewels, crystals, and designs she uses are just gorgeous, and soon I will own me one.

Hey there-Had a moment and wanted to respond....

Name? Courtney Prince- Company Doloris Petunia Occupation? Designer of lovely things : )

Hobbies? Hum- I used to be a competitive figure skater... I think that is where I get the sparkle factor in my life. Now a days I love reading, traveling, hunting for pieces to use in my designs and seeing as much lovely art and beautiful things as I can.

Inspiration? New York City, Women in general- my mother- my grandmother- my friends- all the amazing artists and art makers on this earth- past and present- be that living or dead.

Travel? Yes please- I just got back from Morocco and it was amazing. I love Europe and really going anywhere I can - I especially love getting off the beaten path and experiencing a city as its locals do. I just moved from NYC (after 13 years) to LA (I grew up in Utah)- I would go to NYC every other day if I could.

Purpose? Not sure- still figuring that out. Really I love making something that makes the wearer feel beautiful the moment they put it on- making people feel like the spotlight is shining on them- bringing out who they are through their fashion choices. I love that when I see other women having a beautiful moment- whatever that entails. For that reason I feel very honored to help brides on their special day- what a compliment.

Your uniqueness? Oh dear- too much to say. I am totally lead through life by my senses- sight- feel- smell. I love being able to have people gain insight into my personality by what I am wearing- and I love being able to give that experience to my customers.

Why jewelry? I don't really think of myself as a jewelry designer - I would not have the first idea how to make a ring- although I would love to learn how to cast and weld. I really am an artist at heart- be that through painting, decorating or designing.. I just find accessories and jewelry fun and fresh and so easy right now- I love how you can wear the same thing all week- but no one will know because you can totally change the look and feel of a whole outfit- just by the accessories and the jewelry. I am looking to get more into classic "jewelry" making- but at this point prefer to hide under the label of artist or accessory designer... maybe one day!
Here is a link to an article about Doloris Petunia


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