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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nya Nya Couture Fashion Show - Fierce Baby!

Nya Nya Couture Fashion Show - Fierce Baby!

Just when you thought couture was gone for us regular folk, it makes a comeback at the hands of Ms. Crystal Hariss. Yes she designs couture . . Haute Couture. Her designs are inspiring, colorful, and vibrant. At the hands of Ms. Crystal Harris, she can turn any piece of fabric into magic. A little history on Crystal, The Company’s name originated from her daughter, Nya who was born in 2002. Nya Nya Couture was established in 2004. Crysta Harris is a native Atlantan. At an early age Crystal was drawn to fashion, her goal show the world her "urban glamour". Nya Nya Couture is a fusion of bold vibrant colors, timeless textures with edgy patterns and embellishments that come together for that “urban glamour” look. But, she doesn’t just design couture she also designs plus size couture.

Yes, plus size couture. When I saw her pieces they were flawless. Nice black leather corsets, is all I need in my life, it makes me warm inside. I had the pleasure of attending her fashion show and interviewing Ms. Harrs this past weekend here in Atlanta. I must say I truly enjoyed myself. The whole purpose of this show was to raise money for domestic violence and show case her pieces. There were give away for, art, hair salon, and spa. It was just awesome.

Now I have written about Nya Nya before in regards to her plus size couture line. This fashion show featured both, men, women and plus size models. I must say her line goes from elegant to trendy. The styles where fun and had plenty of detail making the pieces unique. Her pieces make you feel that you also can wear couture and have that "urban glamour"!

Here is her interview:
Occupation? Fashion Design

 Hobbies? Drawing, building artwork

Inspiration? Italian shoes (Me too girl!)

Travel? All the time

Purpose? to become a fashion icon

Your uniqueness? detail, handcrafting

Why couture? edgy,odd and different

As I sat and enjoyed the fashion show I began to look in the audience. Of course there were plenty of fashion reps there, and also Dwight Nene’s friend from Atlanta Housewives. He entered the room with a gorgeous fur coat that went to the floor honey. There were people who represented magazines; Upscale Mag was in the house, stylist and those who just enjoy fashion. Again the show was awesome, below are a few pictures Crystal was so nice to email to me. Hope yall enjoy

This piece just pops out, I love the color and the contrast on the sides.  She had a couple of these pieces and I want one!

(And yes, thats me looking towards the model)

A few of the plus size peices.  Now these young ladies worked that runway!

This top is one of my favorites I just love the color! The top did like a feather layered flower opening type thing. The skirt matched perfectly so very cute.

This piece is the bomb! I absolutely love the color
It screams sexy, after five sippin on some wine. Truly a lovely piece

Here is another piece I enjoyed, and the artist who gave the art away.

Ms. Crystal and Dwight
The young man in the middle spoke
so eloquently about stopping
domestic violence

Crystal and the hostess with the mostess, lol.

I spot Torrid!

I ran into a friend of mine, Joel
He holds events at London Bistro

Just Fierce!

Picture credits:Darrell Jenkins

Celebrate Your Plus!


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