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Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Those Sequins~

We all know Christmas is here and new years is on the way. And I'm thinking what am I going to wear to that NYE party after I go to church of course :).  For some reason lately my eye ie amied toward sequins.  Yes I said sequins.  Big girls should not be afraid of the sequins, it helps accentuate what us plus sizers have and its just looks cool.  I feel sequin would be the perfect outfit for the NYE part, maybe a guy will notice my bling and I can get my NYE kiss! lol.  I found a few pieces to choose from at Torrid, Dorothy Perkins, Faith 21 and Monif C. and a few other websites.

This lovely dress is by way of Faith 21, Forever 21's plus size line.  I like the sequins at the top, just incase you want to be safe and not have a full sequin dress.  If you look closely the bottom half of the dress has texture to it, this dress is so cute and very affordable. Forever 21

This "Tina" cocktail dress is really what I am looking for.  Its colorful, fun and appropriate for the NYE party. I love the different colors and how the dress shows cases the curves.  It is definitley an eye catcher, which is exactly what I want. Visit Monifa C's website, they have more.  I have followed her line for some years now, I love how her pieces are trendy, stylish, sexy and fun.  She has made the plus size woman be trendy and stylish also.  Monif C.

This last dress is by way of the U.K. DorothyPerkins.com.  The pink isn't too pink it also accentuates the curves.  The dress is fun, fun, fun and again a perfect out fit for the NYE party. Visit Dorothy Perkins.

Now that I see there are choices, its time to accessorize.  I am honestly not much of an accessories type person.  I generally put on the outfit and a pair of shoes and I'm done.  But in reality accessories are the little things that can make the outfit pop.  I love silver, it goes with just about everything in my book.  I also like to match, so if the shoes and jewelry dont make match I'm pretty much not gonna wear it.  I am trying to get out of that though, sometimes mix match can make a great outfit.

These black sequin shoes are perfect too, all by way of Aldo. With matching bracelet of course.

Well I finally decided to purchase the first dress from Faith21.  I cant wait for it to come, I will actually take pics and post it for yall.  I've never orderd from there so I am really hoping it will be true to size. 

Celebrate Your Plus!