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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Belle-Noir

Belle-Noir, do you know what that means? Belle, the most beautiful girl and Noir, black.  Put that together and what do you have a fly black chick! I kid, I kid, you have a charming, beautiful African American Woman.  If you go even further you have Belle-Noir Magazine, an online magazine that represents the plus size women.  This magazine has it all, clothes of course, makeup, health, politics (yes fat people read politics dang),  and dating. The magazine reaches 88% female and 12% male, 84.2 % are African American.  Belle-Noir has branched out to Belle-Noir Radio with guest such as plus size designer Gayla Bently, plus model Tiffany Brazton Belvin, comedian Erica Waton, and author and educator Keith Belvin.  She has also created Curves and Cocktails, the ultimate girls night out for women with curves.  And lastly Phat Poetry, to celebrate big beautiful women and men through poetry.  Wow she has been busy representing the plus size commuinty! I have read the online magazine from time to time so I decided to send a little email to see if I could get a short interview with its creater Ms. Aja B. And thankfully they said yes!

Your name? Aja B. Stubbs aka "Ms. Aja B."

Occupation? Grant Research Assistant by day/ President of Belle-Noir Communications by night!

Hobbies? Watching sports (especially football), reading, writing, and even though I don't have time for it much anymore, different arts & crafts. Anything that gets the creative juices flowing.

Inspiration? My parents, and Oprah Winfrey. *smile*

Travel? Travel has to be tops on my list of favorite things to do. I recommend to anyone to just get up and go! Whether it is exploring a foreign country, or just exploring a neighboring state like a tourist, it can be so refreshing and inspiring to experience something new.

Purpose? I don't know what God would say my purpose is, but I feel my purpose, as it relates to plus size women, is to encourage them to love themselves for who they are today, because today? You are beautful!

Your style? I'd say that I am a pretty classic type of gal. I'd much rather go for the timeless classic than what is currently on trend (thats what I'm talkin bout). And I believe wholeheartedly that your handbag and shoes can make or break an outfit (Amen!).

Your Uniqueness? There's only one me!

Why Belle Noir Magazine? I started Belle-Noir Magazine six years ago when I felt that plus size women of Color were not being seen in a positive light be it on the web or in print magazines that were supposed to be inspirational to women of Color.We were on the scene before most of the popular online magazines for plus size women today, and we will continue to be the voice of the everyday plus size woman of Color.

Such a wonderfully inspiring women.  We need more sisters like her that is willing to represent the plus size women with class, for yall young bucks class never dies.  I charge you to check out the magazine Bell-Noir Magazine, Curves and Cocktails and Belle-Noir Radio.

Celebrate Your Plus!